Universal Adapter Carrier

The design carrier that fits on (almost) all rear carriers


Universal Adapter Carrier

Steco Universal Adapter carrier. This carrier is suitable for child seats from: Yepp, Bobike, GMG and others. An ideal solution if your purchased child seat does not fit on your existing bicycle carrier.

By first mounting the universal adapter on the luggage carrier, a new basis is created for mounting the child seats.

We supply a safety strap with the universal adapter.

Provided with mounting material and installation manual.

Passing opzetdrager 3 in 1 adapter:

Montage met bevestigingskrammenMinimale maatMaximale maatGemeten
Slotbout aan buitenkant36mm100mmBuitenkant naar buitenkant
Slotbout aan binnenkant100mm145mmBuitenkant naar buitenkant


Front or back
on the back
Article number
50.516.10 (Gloss Black), 50.516.11 (Matt Black), 50.516.79 (Silver)
EAN code
8713397002978 (Gloss Black), 8713397009342 (Matte Black), 8713397002954 (Silver)
Maximum loadable weight