Universele opzetdrager

The design carrier that fits on (almost) all rear carriers


Universele opzetdrager

The Universal Adapter from Steco offers you the solution!

By first mounting the Universal Adapter on the luggage carrier, a new basis is created for the assembly of almost all brands of child seats (Yepp, Bobike, Polisport, Qibbel etc.). This product is not only intended for child seats, but also for the Steco Baby-Mee Bike and Buggy-Mee de Luxe.

A safety strap is supplied as standard with the universal adapter, which must be attached to the seat post.

Equipped with clear assembly instructions

fit attachment carrier 3in1 adapter.

With mounting clips

assembly                            Minimum size Maximum size measured

Lock bolt on the outside   36mm               100mm      Outside to outside
Lock bolt on the inside      100mm             145mm      Outside to outside


Front or back
on the back
EAN code
8713397002978 (Black), 8713397002954 (Alu look)