Ukkie – Mee

More space between child seat and saddle with this handy ukkie handlebar


Ukkie – Mee

By replacing your existing bicycle handlebar with the Steco Ukkie-Mee, you can easily turn your ‘normal’ bicycle into a mother bicycle. You can mount one of the well-known child seats on the Ukkie-Mee. The new positioning of the child’s seat leaves more room for the boarding / boarding.


Overview child seats:

Brand    Model       Windscreen     Suitable
Bobike Mini Classic                   ✔
Bobike Mini Classic With windshield   ✔
Bobike Mini Exclusive                 ✔
Bobike Mini Exclusive With windshield ✔
Yepp Mini                             ✔
Yepp Mini             With windshield ✔
Qibbel Voorduo                        ✔
Qibbel Voorduo        With windshield ✔
Polisport Guppy mini                  ✔
Polisport Guppy mini  With windshield ✔
Polisport Bubbly mini                 ✔
Polisport Bubbly mini With windscreen ✔


Maximum loadable weight
15 kg
Front or back
Item code
50.050.11 (Black), 50,050.79 (Silver)
EAN code
8713397002343 (black), 8713397002411 (Silver)