Front Racks Original

Front rack with the traditional front rack look


Front Racks Original

  • A sturdy stable front rack made from 16-mm tubing
  • Finished with a durable epoxy powder coating
  • Perfect for transporting items like a toolbox, large box, basket or crate on a bicycle
  • Conform to ISO 11243:2016-12 (15 kg)
  • Easy to mount
  • 10-cm adjustable handlebar hooks for use on high and low handlebars
  • Supporting surface of 30×30 cm
  • Equipped with a sturdy light bracket
  • Available in various colours

Optional: extra-long handlebar hooks for combining with a child seat (52.30043.03)

Equipped with mounting materials and clear assembly manual.


Black, White
Maximum loadable weight
15 kg
Front or back
EAN code
8713397001063 (gloss black), 8713397002633 (matte black), 8713397002312 (white)
Item Code
30,043.10 (gloss black), 30.043.11 (matte black), 30.043.12 (white)