Comfort transport front carrier

Easy to mount front carrier, available in various colors and sizes


Comfort transport front carrier

Pimp your bike with this sturdy and functional transport rack, who wouldn’t want that? This front carrier fits most city bikes, without a suspension fork. The difference with the Original Transport front carrier is that the Comfort Transport carrier can be used on low and high handlebars due to the infinitely adjustable handlebar hooks.

Ideal for a crate, basket, your groceries or your football bag. The carrier has a maximum load capacity of 15 kg and is suitable for a 26 and 28 inch bicycle (ISO 11243:2016-12 approved).

Includes: 2 hooks that fit around most bicycle frames and stainless steel mounting kit.

This is also useful to know:

  • Support surface 30×30 cm
  • Equipped with a sturdy lamp hook.
  • Available in the colors gloss black, matt black and white
  • Made from 16mm tube
  • Equipped with a universal handlebar and axle attachment

Steco also has this carrier for children’s bicycles, namely the Comfort carrier 20×20 (30.220.10).

Choose the carrier that suits you!

20 inch24 inch26 inch28inch
Steco Comfort 20×20


Steco Comfort 30×30 xx


8713397008338 (glans zwart), 8713397009076 (mat zwart) 8713397008352 (wit)
2 g
30 × 30 × 33 cm
Black, White
Maximum loadable weight
15 kg
Front or back
artikel code
30.243.10 (glans zwart), 30.243.11 (mat zwart), 30.243.12 (wit), 30.220.10 (20×20 zwart), 30.220.12 (20×20 wit)