Front Rack Comfort

Easy-to-mount front rack with a modern look. Available in various colours and dimensions


Front Rack Comfort

  • This sturdy stable front rack is very quick and easy to mount
  • Available in white, glossy black (90%) and sandblasted black
  • Made from 16-mm tubing
  • This solid and stable frontcarrier is very easy and extremely quickly to mount
  • Equipped with a universal handbar and wheel axel mounting
  • Fully adjustable handlebar hooks for use on high and low handlebars
  • Supporting surface of 30×30 cm
  • Equipped with a sturdy headlamp hook
  • Finished with a durable epoxy poder coating
  • Conform to ISO 11243:2016-12

Steco also makes a smaller version: the Convenience Front Rack 20×20 (30.220.10)

Equipped with mounting materials and clear assembly instructions.

Choose the carrier that suits you

                                                   frame size
front carrier                     20 ”  24 ”  26 ”  28 “

Steco Comfort 20×20       X       X

Steco Comfort 30×30                         X       X


Black, White
Maximum loadable weight
15 kg
Front or back
Item Code
30,243.10 (gloss black), 30.243.11 (matte black), 30.243.12 (white), 30,220.10 (20×20 black), 30.220.12 (20×20 white)
EAN code