About us

Steco Altijd in beweging

Nothing seems as simple as the bicycle. Two wheels, pedals, a chain, a handlebar and a frame. However, this phenomenon keeps us busy every day at Steco. How can we make cycling even more comfortable? Or rather: how do we make it even easier to take all kinds of objects on the loyal two-wheeler!

That challenge has fascinated us for more than 90 years. This has provided the necessary knowledge and experience. That knowledge has been passed on from grandfather, father, son to grandson. Steco is also a real family business. And although the name has not changed over the years, we and the world around us always keep moving. New challenges require new solutions in the world of mobility. Smart, solid products of high-quality steel, fused with more than 90 years of experience. These are Steco products.

Reliable, smart – Steco!

Reliable and smart. These are the characteristic features of our products. Whether it is a reliable luggage carrier widener or an innovative solution such as the “Buggy – Mee”, Steco guarantees a quality product. Curious about our range? View our catalog below (double-click on the catalog to view it in full screen).